Contract Manager DiTu Network Edition

Contract Manager DiTu is a powerful tool, based on a multi-user Firebird-database, for managing all kind of contracts. Never ever miss a cancellation period. It creates a cancelation letter per single-mouse-click. It reminds (e-mail or pop-up) you as soon as the contract is due. You can also manage your files (Upload) on the contract-level. Here is a list of the other most important features:

  • Importing of the CSV-files
  • Multiple clients possibility
  • Automatic Contract Extension
  • Creation and customization of the MS Word & E-Mail cancellation letter using the predefined Templates
  • Customization of the MS Word- template for a cancellation letter
  • Overview of the due contracts in a single application-form
  • Birthday Reminder Pop-Up Functionality
  • Mobile phone contract management
  • Organizational structure in four levels
  • Definition of the own obligatory fields in the application
  • Export to Excel/Open Office/CSV
  • MS Outlook integration (saving the cancellation dates in the Outlook-Calendar
  • Displaying the user and the timestamp of the data creation i.e. data modification
  • Master data copy among the different clients
  • Event logging tool
  • Configuration of the displayed fields
  • Multi-language Application - English and German version are available (easy extension with additional languages)
  • Backup of the application database on an external drive (USB Stick, external HDD, network drive etc.)
  • Read-only- and Admin-Authorizations for particular users
  • Comprehensive Help-System with Screenshots
  • Logging of the program execution into a TXT-file for support purposes

Product Details

  • Latest Version:
  • Published on: 03.11.2019
  • Database Script Level: 307
  • Firebird Database Version 2.5.0